Friday, November 19, 2010

Oat Tortillas that roll well!

I had posted a couple years ago a recipe for oat tortillas. I like the flavor and simplicity of them. However, at the time, I couldn't get them to be flexible enough to roll very well, if it at all. I searched for other tortilla recipes. When I began baking with millet, I came upon a blog which gave instructions for making millet or sorghum tortillas. There are pictures of each step, and- best of all- a tip is given that warm water is important in having pliable, easy to work with dough! See the post "Millet- another great gluten free option" under the "Whole Grains" label.

The recipe I had used for oat tortillas called for cold water. When I decided to use warm water in the oat tortilla recipe, it made a big difference! It's exciting now for me to be practicing making these tortillas. I'm getting good, pliable tortillas that can be rolled up! It's so neat that all I need is oat flour, warm water, and salt! Check out my post "Oat Tortillas." One more trick is to make sure the dough balls are moist enough. To be moist enough, you may think you have too much water at first, until dough is thoroughly kneaded. Then it is a nice consistency, and not overly sticky. Covering the balls with a moist towel as they wait to be rolled and cooked.

My girls like these with non-dairy spread and honey. I enjoy them this way also, and I use them for tacos or wraps.

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