Monday, November 1, 2010

Latest variation of coconut ice cream

My most recent version of coconut ice cream:

Freeze coconut cream ahead of time in ice cube trays. This is not cream of coconut, it is coconut cream. Mine I freeze in small cubes and always keep it on hand in a quart-sized bag in the freezer. Then I'm able to have any small amount to add to smoothies, even gravies or sauces for depth. And I'm always prepared to make ice cream at short notice.

Use a 1:1 ratio of coconut cream frozen and water frozen. I use about 1 cup coconut cream cubes and about 1 cup ice cubes. Add these to a powerful blender(I use a VitaMix).* Add some liquid- just enough for your blender to handle the frozen cubes. Try 1/8 cup of coconut milk, rice milk, or water. Or fruit juice. Whatever you have on hand that sounds good : ) Add 1 tsp. vanilla, and try 1/4 cup sugar. Blend until ice chunks are gone. Taste and adjust sugar if desired. Serve immediately, in small dishes, as it melts quickly. Whatever isn't served, freeze immediately in a small container. This can be set out ahead of time or gently thawed in the microwave the next time.
I like the flavor of this ice cream. Actually, often I like this better than regular dairy ice cream. I am happy with it, and of course my girls are. The one thing that would be nice to improve is to have an ice cream that doesn't melt so quickly. However, right now my girls are content turning their melted ice cream into chocolate milk(I often have dairy free chocolate fudge on hand that I've made, or they have added Hershey's syrup when I have that).

*If you do not have a powerful blender, you can use water instead of ice. You could even just combine coconut cream, water, sugar, and vanilla, and then freeze in a container 3-4 hours or until slightly firm. Then stir, or whisk with a fork to break up ice crystals. Refreeze, and repeat process if you desire even smoother ice cream. As far as smoothness goes, I've seen recipes where you heat ingredients on the stove until sugar is dissolved. Then you freeze as mentioned above. I would guess that dissolving the sugar helps the ice cream to be more smooth.

If you're searching to try other recipes or learn more about homemade dairy-free ice cream, Living Without has had some ice cream recipes- you could see what is available online. "The Ice Dream Cookbook" by Rachel Albert-Matesz is something you could look for as well- check your library. I haven't seen it myself, but have seen an ice cream recipe or two at Living Without that was adapted from this cookbook.

April 2016

Use Silk coconut milk. Freeze in ice cube trays. Use boxed or canned coconut cream as bit of liquid needed to add to the frozen cubes. Sugar will depend on if Silk is unsweetened or sweetened...

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