Monday, November 22, 2010

Homemade Popsicles

We enjoy having homemade popsicles stocked in our freezer. I don't care to buy popsicles from the store. At home, I can decide what goes in. When I have bought even popsicles that were whole fruit and all natural at the store, there was still more sugar than I care for. Besides, it can be much more cost effective to make popsicles at home, and more convenient if you've found a way of keeping your own freezer and pantry stocked with produce and food you payed a good price for. OK, even if you didn't get a sale price for your fruit, you still will probably come ahead over the cost of purchased whole fruit popsicles. (The water, sugar, food coloring ones of course are cheaper).

We enjoy popsicles made from fruit. Keeping popsicles in stock has been quite convenient- if we make smoothies often, I just fill up the popsicle molds with leftovers. Sometimes I may only have two popsicles worth, but that's okay, next smoothie I may have a couple more popsicles-worth. Then we get to choose between two or three flavors when we get out the popsicles.

Popsicle ideas:

-smoothie leftovers
-make smoothie solely for purpose of making popsicles
(I make it a little stronger than I would for a smoothie-more fruit or juice conc to water)
-mix juice from concentrate, and have it a bit stronger than you would for drinking
-freeze homemade pudding(we make coconut pudding)

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Maureen said...

Jill Bond published a book called Dinner's in the Freezer! and she has a great recipes for a punch base which makes fabulous popsicles. She has four children -1 is autistic and 1 is diabetic so most of these recipes use a sugar substitute and whole fresh ingredients. It's one of my favorite books and well worth a read.