Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Simplifying "Really Good Yeast Bread"

Simplifying "Really Good Yeast Bread"

I've been thinking that the yummy yeast bread I previously posted might daunt a few of you because it has so many ingredients. Plus, I wondered if I can have a cheaper, simplified version that uses fewer specialty ingredients. I also wondered if my all-purpose wheat-free mix I keep in my freezer would work well to bake yeast bread. Here are two experiments and the results:

Experiment #1

Recipe as previously posted, except used lentil flour instead of sweet rice flour. Lentils are cheap and easy to come by and store, and grind easily in a blender(I grind a batch of lentils and store it in a quart size bag in the freezer). I substituted sugar for honey. I added a bit of molasses to complement the lentil flour. RESULTS: This bread had a really nice flavor. It was sweet and nutty, similar to a whole wheat flavor. The texture was light and airy. It was such a light loaf, that the bread was hard to slice. Perhaps I could have the batter a little thicker next time for a little more structure. It was really enjoyable bread.

Experiment #2

Used my all-purpose wheat free mix that I keep in the freezer. This is 1/3 part brown rice, 1/3 part oat, and 1/3 part starch(usually 50% tapioca starch and 50% cornstarch). Didn't add any other dry ingredients except for xanthan gum. Didn't add sweet rice flour or gelatin. Added a drop molasses. Used sugar instead of honey. RESULT: This turned out well. The loaf was about the texture of regular homemade part whole wheat yeast bread. Good flavor.


I baked three batches of bread this day. When cool, I sliced and then wrapped the bread in plastic wrap, in groups of 2-3 slices. Then I stuck the slices in freezer bags. Two things were wonderful to see from this baking day- one, my daughter could have bread very conveniently out of the freezer, and often! Before, she had to patiently wait until Mom made time to bake bread for her. Two, I realized it is really easy to bake bread for her, with a mix prepared ahead of time, stored in the freezer. When I run out of this mix, I can just mix extra proportions of each dry ingredient, excluding yeast, next time I bake bread. The extra proportions can go into a big bowl, be stirred together, and then stored in a gallon size bag. It's great to see that even more simple, my all-purpose mix that I keep on hand works well. Grab the dry mix out(let it sit to room temp if you remember ahead of time), add yeast, whisk together flaxseed meal and water in separate container and let sit while you heat water. Add most of water and then oil and drop of molasses, then remaining water if needed. Mix 3 1/2 min. Spoon into pans...let rise, then bake...I will bake bread more often for my daughter now!

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